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Why ZamZam

The Many Benefits of Zamzam Water
Aside from being one of the most important rites of passage in Islam, Hajj and Umrah are wonderful pilgrimage experiences that enable visitors to discover the hidden secrets and beautiful locations of the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. One of the most astonishing features of the city is the Zamzam Well located within the Masjid Al Haram, a mere 20 metres east of the holy Kaaba.
Ancient mythology tells the tale of Abraham’s infant son, Ishmael, and his mother Hagar, who were left stranded in the desert, thirsty and tired, when a source of miraculous water sprang up at their feet to satiate them. This became known as Zamzam Water.
Today, the Zamzam Well is one of the most visited places in Islam and considered one of the rewards of Hajj and Umrah. Part of Accor Hotels’ Hajj & Umrah Packages, the visit to the Zamzam Well is one of the tour highlights as Zamzam Water itself has long been considered as one of the purest on earth, with a slew of health benefits associated with it.

1. Zamzam Water enhances energy levels in our cells

The head of the largest medical center in Munich, German scientist Dr. Knut Pfeiffer, has long been studying the effects and benefits of Zamzam Water. One of his most fascinating theories was that the water increases energy levels and strengthens the cell systems of the human body, which he was able to prove with plenty of research and countless trials.
2. Zamzam Water contains no germs or bacteria
While Hajj & Umrah benefits are endless on a religious and personal level, your visit to the Zamzam Well will surely prove to be one of the highlights of your experience. According to Dr. Yahya Koshak, and following a series of tests using ultraviolet tech through Europe and Saudi Arabia, Zamzam Water was found to be completely free of germs and bacteria because of its high levels of fluoride.
3. Zamzam Water is known for its purity
With a perfect bicarbonate amounts higher than the total found in water sourced from the French Alps, Zamzam Water is commonly known to be the purest on the planet.
4. Zamzam Water is rich in Calcium and Magnesium
You might want to take this into consideration on your next Hajj & Umrah procedure. Zamzam Water has been scientifically proven to contain very high levels of Calcium and Magnesium, which can help decrease fatigue. This also provides the water with healing qualities thanks to high fluoride levels similar to conventional medicine properties.
5. Zamzam Water encourages the growth of healthy bones
Because of Zamzam Water’s abundance of Calcium, the water positively affects the human body, especially the bones as they absorb the vitamins and benefit from them for better growth.

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