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Health Boosting and 100% Halal Vitamin D3 Formulated With Holy Zam Zam Water

Health Boosting and 100% Halal Vitamin D3 Formulated With Holy Zam Zam Water

1 Bottle

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Now: $23.95

Kinza Younis

So glad that now we have some vitamins that are 100% Halal and that they are made with Zam Zam. Nothing is better to know that you ingest Zam Zam daily.

Rida Khalid

Best product! I am so super happy with these vitamins highly recommend to everyone !!

Zam Zam Vitamin D3 Offers Dual Benefits

Vitamin D3 is produced by the body naturally if it is exposed to sufficient amounts of sunlight. The vitamin transforms into a hormone when it enters the body. It enhances absorption of calcium and phosphorus – two components that are vital for bone mass and dental health. However, most of us suffer from severe deficiencies either due to our lifestyle or diet. Ideal for those who are deficient in this vital vitamin or wish to boost their immune system, Zam Zam Vitamin D3 offers dual benefits. Boost your immune system with multivitamins and strengthen your iman (faith) with holy Zam Zam water.

Reduce chances of contracting autoimmune diseases.

Decrease chances of developing heart disease.

Stay safe from common diseases such as the flu.

Boost the body’s capability of producing vitamin D3.

Zam Zam Vitamin D3 ®

Zam Zam water’s medical value is well documented when it comes to curing illness. Available with free shipping worldwide!

Vitamin D3 made with Zam Zam water

Loaded with calcium and magnesium

Strengthens the immune system

Strengthens teeth and bones

40 mcg vitamin D3 per daily dose. 800% of daily referance intake.
Medium chain triglycerides from coconut gelatin (fish), consistency preserver (glycerin), cholecalciferol(Vit.D3), Zam Zam water. Halal approved.
1 capsule per day Not to be used by children under 18 years.

Kamran Ali

Using this vitamin D even though I am not Muslim, but they help me a lot in my everyday life. Highly recommended.

Amjad Khan

Very happy! Have to say one thing that they are made with Zam Zam water it does something that I can not get for any other vitamins. It’s something good for me now and for the rest of my life.

Strengthens teeth and bones

HACCP quality assured product

Fast free worldwide delivery

Only available at DR

Special Bundle Discount Offer

3 Bottles

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6 Bottles

Before: $201.96
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Patent Pending Process

Produced with Holy Zam Zam water through our patent-pending process.

We are the only producer in the world with this unique production process to ensure you all the benefits Zam Zam water has to offer.

Zam Zam Vitamin D3 is only available from DR Pill.

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